Stanton Renaissance Community Development

Stanton Renaissance

With Louie Santaguida at its helm, Stanton Renaissance has carved a unique position within the new development community in Toronto, the GTA and southern Ontario. No ordinary developer, this is a company with deep roots in the revitalization of land; with vast experience in the transformation of spoiled land into viable, green and ultimately buildable land. The company specializes in the transformation of dysfunctional areas – particularly communities with unrealized social, environmental and economic potential. These are the communities that turn on Mr. Santaguida’s juice – the more challenging, the better! His vision is extraordinary; where most see urban rot and ugliness, Louie Santaguida sees vibrancy, growth, potential and success!

Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy: create expertly designed condominium residences with functional, multi-use living spaces, constructed with unprecedented quality. Our condominiums will be visually appealing, in harmony with their communities, and will revitalize and renew old land and spaces. They will feature environmental and green elements that will raise the bar in responsible development.

Our Mission

Transforming Communities through intelligent revitalization. We will incorporate into your new home the best design elements of Renaissance style; symmetry, proportion and geometry. From exceptional exterior design and finishes, through the common areas and amenities and into your suite, our pride in introducing these new residences will be reflected in your pride of ownership.  -  The Connolly Hamilton  -  Copyright 2016