Louie Santaguida Sleeps Outside To Raise Awareness

The Covenant Sleep Out 2016

Louie Santaguida participated in the Covenant House Sleep Out for the fifth year in a row. On November 17th, business and community leaders across North America gave up the comfort of their homes and slept outdoors with nothing more than a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag.

The Sleep Out is an exceptional event, located in downtown Toronto, to raise awareness and to fight youth homelessness. The event sheds light on the challenges faced by the homeless youth in Canada every night.

The funds raised from the event go to the Covenant House’s programs and youth. This year, Louie Santaguida raised over $12,000.

When asked why he was participating in the event, Louie Santaguida said he was honoured to participate for a fifth year in the Executive Sleep Out to raise money for the youth on the streets. He feels that a great deal of these kids who find themselves out on the streets are not at fault, as many of them have been abused, neglected, or exploited before they reach the Covenant House.

The Covenant House Toronto is Canada’s largest homeless youth agency. They have offered approximately 90,000 homeless kids the opportunity to move from the streets to a better life with a future, by providing large amounts of support and services under one roof.

Louie Santaguida at the Covenant House Sleep Out 2016 Louie Santaguida participating at the Covenant House Sleep Out 2016Louie Santaguida and friend at the Covenant House Sleep Out 2016Participants of the Covenant House Sleep Out 2016Louie Santaguida and friends at the Covenant House Sleep Out 2016


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