Stanton Renaissance at the QUEST Conference in Toronto

Stanton Renaissance at QUEST 2015 Conference, Toronto


Stanton Renaissance at the QUEST2015 Conference in Toronto

QUEST 2015 Community Energy Building Awards held on October 27th 2015 in Toronto, along with a Conference that ran from October 26th to October 28th 2015.

Founder and President of the Toronto condo developer, Stanton Renaissance, was invited to be a speaker at this year’s QUEST2015 conference. 

“We’re not in the green sphere anymore,” said Louie Santaguida, President and CEO of Stanton Renaissance at the 2015 Quest Conference. “Stanton sees a sustainable revolution happening. We’ve gone from green, to clean, to pristine.”

Stanton Renaissance project, On The Go Mimico, was also nominated and selected as a finalist for its use of GeoExchange and Cogeneration technologies that positively affect greenhouse gas and climate change. The hybrid system uses the ground to store energy and then recycle it when needed. Cogeneration goes one step further, producing electricity and heat from a natural gas powered heat engine. The electricity and thermal energy is then recirculated into the ground as an additional heat source. Not only is this technology more environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gases, but it also translates to lower utility costs and maintenance fees for homeowners.

This years conference, QUEST 2015,: Getting Smart About Energy in Our Communities at the Marriott Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario was an opportunity to advise a new federal government, as well as three of Canada’s largest provinces that are developing climate change policies ahead of COP21, on the role of Smart Energy Communities in helping meet provincial and federal climate goals.





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