Stanton Renaissance at the Festival della Dottrina Sociale

Stanton Renaissances Founder Speaks at Festival della Dottrina Sociale


Stanton Renaissance’s founder speaks at Festival della Dottrina Sociale
[ Italian Climat Change Conference 2015 ]

Stanton Renaissance was invited to be a part of a panel of speakers at this years Festival della Dottrina Sociale in Verona, Italy from Nov 26 to 29 2015.  

This was an engaging conversation that involved a ‘Discussion On How Urban Development Can Positively Impact GHGs’. (Green House Gases)

Louie Santaguida discussed different solutions for cities to implement and suggested policies need to change in order for communities and countries to become more sustainable as we continue to grow and build Urban Centres. 

“We shall need sustainably new ways of thinking if we are to protect the lives of future generations.” – Louie Santaguida

Our guiding philosophy at Stanton Renaissance is to revitalize and renew dysfunctional land and spaces through environmental, ecological, cultural and socio-economic transformation. Our residences will be expertly designed to be in harmony with their communities and the environment, while enriching the aesthetic and social values of the neighbourhoods. They will feature environmental elements that will raise the bar in responsible condo developments and smart communities.

Other key Speakers who attended the Festival :

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