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The James Street Baptist Church, one of Hamilton’s oldest churches and Architectural Icons was built between 1878 and 1882 and was designed by the renowned Architect Joseph Connolly in the Gothic Revival style.  It is in honouring the Architect and Architecture that Stanton Renaissance has proudly named this exciting 30 storey mixed use development “The Connolly“. Working closely with the City of Hamilton, the team at Stanton Renaissance is designing the project to preserve the building’s heritage and its unique architectural qualities in a manner that is economically viable and that encourages the safety of workers, the community and future inhabitants. Stanton Renaissance will ensure that the project meets its stringent environmental protocols – using its revolutionary Geothermal and Cogeneration technologies to provide heating and cooling that provides optimal low cost utilities with a minimal impact on the environment. The project will extend Hamilton’s present downtown and will provide a safe and exciting neighbourhood that is certain to add enormous value to the community.

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