On The Go Mimico CBC Response

On The Go Mimico CBC Response

We have received some questions related to the recent CBC article and broadcast and wish to set the record straight regarding our project development. We would like to reassure our owners, potential owners and stakeholders that the On The GO Mimico project is in excellent financial condition, with 75% of the units sold to date. We are also proud to report that construction, of the On The Go Mimico condominium project is on track to meet construction deadlines.

Stanton Renaissance will continue to be committed to developing projects that revive and enhance local neighborhoods and communities. On The Go Mimico is the first high-rise condominium in Ontario to use an integrated GeoExchange and Cogeneration system. This system provides economical and environmentally responsible “hybrid” heating, cooling and hydro generation. This leading edge condominium is also the first to receive the “Holmes Approved Condo” certification. As a community conscious company, we also conserved and preserved as well as refurbished the historical train station and once the On The Go Mimico project is completed, we plan to donate the station back to the community for public use.

We take exception to many inaccuracies in the CBC report and wish to provide the following clarification and corrections:

1. Metrolinx was never a development partner. Metrolinx succeeded GO Transit in this project as a potential user for shared parking between the sites. GO Transit (then subsequently Metrolinx) was party to a conditional, non-binding memorandum of understanding. Metrolinx elected to pursue its own development strategy as to parking and expansion of Mimico, which was publicly announced by the Province of Ontario in October 2012. At that time, the On The Go Mimico development was granted permission to become larger in accordance with the OMB ruling.

2. On The Go Mimico will have direct access to the GO Train station from the condominium development as the properties are immediately adjacent. On The Go Mimico will build a sidewalk, as will Metrolinx, which will meet at our property lines to allow for transit users to access our retail space and the Go Train. Parking and density have never been an issue from a planning perspective.

We are happy to discuss our projects, plans and progress and always strive to be open and transparent with the news media. As we have a proven track record of communication with CBC, we expected clear, well-researched facts and are disappointed in how our national broadcaster compiled and presented this story.

We do appreciate that their Reporters gave us the opportunity to contribute to the story (which we did), and that they included images of the On The Go Mimico site actively under development. We appreciate that CBC reinforced the message that this project is under construction and moving forward as planned.

Should you have any questions about this project, please contact us directly.


Louie SantaguidaStanton Renaissance

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