Green Condos Toronto

It should be no surprise that in this day and age, green condos in Toronto top the lists of many prospective homeowners. But it can be hard to find bona fide eco-friendly housing in our rapidly expanding city, and easy to get overwhelmed when searching for that new home.

Stanton Renaissance is no ordinary developer. Our condominiums are aesthetically appealing, in harmony with communities, and aim to raise the bar in responsible development. As a company founded on the revitalization of land, we have abundant experience transforming less than optimal territory into viable, green, and ultimately very beautiful and sought after properties. These are the types of challenges that president of Stanton Renaissance, Louie Santaguida, likes taking on. His vision has proven its endurance over the years, and we are proud, as a company, to be holding strong to these founding values today. All of our buildings are a testament to these values.

To give you an idea of what we’re up to, check out these two shining examples of sustainable building:

On The Go Mimico Condos

Designed to keep rising energy costs and condo fees in check, Toronto’s first GeoExchange and cogeneration installation in a high-rise is the perfect demonstration of Stanton Renaissance’s commitment to green condo alternatives.

There’s a level of status quo inefficiency that we’ve come to think of as normal. Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner produces heat? That heat can actually be harnessed to supply hot water. Typically, anywhere from 30-40% of a building’s generated heat is wasted! On The Go Mimico’s smart, green heating and cooling system is built to recover “waste heat.” Power is drawn from two sources, much like a hybrid automobile with access to both conventional and electric power. Your household can remain “on the grid,” accessing conventional hydro as needed when energy costs are low, and switch to “off the grid” when costs are at their peak. Taking into account the average increase in energy costs at Toronto hydro, it’s estimated that residents at On The Go Mimico will save 30% over 7 years.

So how does it work? Simple. No cooling towers or compressors. The dual GeoExchange and Cogeneration technology works with nature—not against it, “borrowing” energy from the Earth during winter and putting it back in the summertime, redirecting and recycling as needed. As Stanton’s chief engineer Jeff Maxwell puts it, energy is stored underground, “just like a giant car battery.” The result: an uninterruptible power supply that is reliable and consistent. And since you don’t have to hear it or see it, you won’t even know it’s there. Get your simple, safe, and clean sustainable condos while they’re hot (or cold).

The Connolly – Downtown Hamilton Condos

Much like On The Go Mimico, The historic Connolly condos will also be constructed with advanced GeoExchange centralized heating and cooling and a Cogeneration system.

Other impressive features to look forward to in this green condo project include:

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