The Best Restaurants in Hamilton

The dynamic food culture of Hamilton is one of the key factors that make The Hammer such a great city to live in. With an increasing number of people investing in houses and condos in Hamilton, more and more restaurants are opening up to the convenience of the public. Hamilton is a city with deep historic roots, many of the restaurants have been around for years, and there continues to be more on the horizon. From authentic cuisines of European and Latin culture, to local dishes of hamburgers and pizza, Hamilton’s got it all with a slight twist.

Let’s dive into our favorite places to eat in Hamilton!

Chuck’s Burger Bar – 194 Locke St. S.


This burger bar provides a variety of handcrafted burgers made from different kinds of meats such as angus, lamb, venison, bison, chicken, turkey, and even bacon. Yes, bacon patties do exist. They have regular and premium side dishes including poutine loaded with curry and lobster (so Canadian). Chuck’s Burger Bar is definitely a hot spot in Hamilton! So hot, they decided to open another location in the city.

Mex-I-Can – 107 James St. N.


This is the perfect place to indulge in a hearty and authentic Mexican meal. The restaurant serves a variety of appetizing Mexican dishes that will surely quench your appetite. Warm up your palette with their traditional Mexi Nachos, followed by the Enchilada dish as a main course. The restaurant also offers gluten free options, and concocts some pretty mean cocktails!

NaRoma Pizza Bar – 215 Locke St. S.


NaRoma is a splendid pizza bar that offers their pizza in square slices and Roman style pies. The dough is light and thin, but also crispy on the bottom, and is left to rise for 72 hours before being baked in heavy cast iron pans. NaRoma is not your ordinary pizza bar. Although they offer traditional pizzas, they also get creative and offer pizzas with a combination of toppings such as fig jam and triple cream brie!

Culantro – 47 King William St.


Culantro is an authentic Peruvian cookery. They offer a wide selection of Peruvian dishes made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, some of which are sourced from Peru! Peruvian aji peppers, the huacatay herb, and the purple corn are exclusively shipped from Peru. These ingredients are what add a unique and flavored experience to each and every dish. At Culantro, they value family recipe, so everything on the menu has its own treasured history. Two of the most popular dishes at Culantro are the empanadas and the classic ceviche.

Wild Orchid – 286 James St. N.

 wild orchid

This cozy restaurant specializes in Portuguese cuisine, including a large selection of fish and seafood, as well as other traditional specialities of pasta, steak, chicken, and pork entrees. If you want to experience exotic food of the European culture, you should give Wild Orchid a shot!

La Luna – 650 Concession St.

 la luna

La Luna is a chain Middle Eastern restaurant that has branched out into Hamilton, Ontario’s up and coming city. The restaurant offers traditional Middle Eastern cuisine made with high quality, fresh ingredients. They serve a variety of mouth-watering meals including falafels and various shish kabob platters. With every bite of La Luna’s authentic dishes, it’s as if you have teleported to the Middle East.

The Burnt Tongue – 10 Cannon St. E.

burnt tongue

The Burnt Tongue was primarily a soup shop. Its owner decided to branch out the menu to include the greasy goodness of Belgian style fries, craft burgers, and speciality sodas. Rest assured though, their hearty and wholesome soups are still on the menu. From New England clam chowder to sausage, kale, and bean with cheddar, The Burnt Tongue has got all the right ingredients to make a mean soup!

The Ship – 23 Augusta St.

the ship

If you’re looking for more of a pub experience, The Ship is where you should set sail. This pub offers not only lunch and dinner menus, but also a late night eats and pickup menu! Enjoy their fine selected craft beers, followed by their ‘The 3am Burger’ or the crab poutine (yum) with a side of fried dill pickles!

The Aberdeen Tavern – 432 Aberdeen Ave.

aberdeen tavern

Hamilton voted The Aberdeen Tavern as “The best new restaurant in Hamilton”. With their duck confit Monte Cristo sandwich, their pickled fried chicken, beef carpaccio, and the list goes on, that is surely not a surprise. The restaurant serves a variety of unique dishes, prepared with impeccable taste of design and palette.

Cheese Shop on Locke – 190 Locke St. S.

Cheese Shop on Locke

Although not a restaurant per se, Cheese Shop on Locke deserves its place in the top 10 list of restaurants in Hamilton. The fromagerie has been serving a selection of Quebec and Ontario cheeses for four years. The shop itself is co owned by Torsten Krueger, a certified cheese maker, so you know they know what they’re doing.

Hamilton’s food culture is thriving. You wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the most authentic eats in the city. Use this guide to your advantage and experience the top 10 restaurants in Hamilton!